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Contattaci foto matrimonio marco e daniela wedding planner di ragusa matrimonio tema siciliano


Wedding planner & Travel designer: an All Inclusive and tailored service from the Wedding Day to the Honeymoon

DIXIE - An Italian Wedding Planner & Travel Design Company

You have dreamt about your luxury wedding in Sicily, from the moment he said to you: «will you marry me»?

You have imagined a wonderful ceremony in a beautiful landscape and a stylish and unforgettable party with your best friends and relatives. 

And you could even sense the romantic sound of the sea and the unique tasty delicacies smell in the background. 

You have dreamt about a breathtaking honeymoon throughout Italy, experiencing its culture, always genuine and unique. 

Then, you have woken up thinking it would be too difficult to realize, we know, because you are so far and you can’t manage a wedding in Sicily. 

So, the dream comes true! How?

Don’t worry! Dixie is the right choice to make your dream come true: we will soothe your stresses and help you to organise the most emotional event of your life. 

Dixie Wedding Experience is a modern and creative team of wedding organizers and event designers. We are here to guide and support you to create stylish wedding ceremonies or private events in Sicily. 

We will be like Cinderella fairy who makes her dreams come true.. with only one difference…

The magic will not disappear at midnight!


We work behind-the-scenes to carefully plan every detail of your wedding in Italy. From the most suggestive location to the theme of the ceremony, from the photographer to the flower designer, from the stationary to the music and much more. 

Dixie Travel Experience is an expert team of travel designers and a tour operator. We are here to guide and support you to create your unforgettable tailored honeymoon. 

We will let you experience the best places in Sicily, Italy or Europe. So you can begin the journey of your life in the most emotional way. 

We are wedding party planners based in Modica and Ragusa, in the South of Sicily. 

Our goal is to inspire and support you throughout the planning process so you can enjoy every single moment. 

Contact us to organise your Big Day and your Wedding Trip: it will be easy and stress free.

You deal with finding the best groom ever, we will deal with everything else!






Sicily is much more than an island, it is a chest full of treasures: from a spectacular nature to timeless masterpieces, from a genuine culture and folklore to the delicious traditional flavours. 

Why a destination wedding in Sicily?

The Answer is: Why not?

First of all, Sicily is the perfect destination wedding for its climate.

You can choose to organise your event from May to October and the weather will be excellent, with sunny days and delightful temperatures.

Just think about the beautiful photos of you and your groom with a stunning sunset over the sea or, maybe, a relaxing bath in the warm and crystalline water of the Mediterranean at the end of your Sicily beach wedding


Unforgettable places and memorable experiences for your unique event in Sicily.

Let’s design it! It will be exciting and simple.

Wedding in Sicily

If you want to surprise your guests, an italian wedding is certainly the right choice. There are a great number of stunning locations for a wedding in Sicily. This divine island is full of Unesco sites and ancient masterpieces. What about celebrating your catholic marriage in one of the wonderful baroque churches in the cities of the Val di Noto: the famous Modica, Ragusa and Scicli, for example.

wedding in sicily

Or, if you prefer a civil ceremony there are so many fascinating opportunities: from a private wedding villa in the historical city of Catania to a farm in the bucolic countryside near Palermo; from an ancient castle on the slopes of the Etna Volcano to an exclusive garden with a view of the Greek Temples of Agrigento.


Sicily is the perfect location for a destination wedding in Italy for the fascinating mix of cultures, for its divine countryside full of blooming flowers, gorgeous green fields, exotic white sand beaches and much more.

A rainbow of colours, perfumes, sounds and tastes! The wide choice of local delights is an absolute must for food and wine lovers. 

Last but not least, the incredible warmth and authenticity of sicilian people will make you feel at home even at million kilometres of distance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your suitcase, Sicily is waiting for you!

Therefore, if you want to plan your memorable event in the places of Dolce and Gabbana, you are in the right place. Contact us and we will help you with your wedding management in a perfect sicilian style. 

Let’s get married


Our expert and reliable team is specialized to plan and realise unique and tailored events. We can help you with all aspects of planning, and design and coordination about getting married in Italy.

We are here to provide you with plenty of ideas to transform your wishes into reality, whether you want an extravagant wedding in Sicily or an intimate and understated one. Whatever style you would like for your luxury wedding in Italy, we are at your disposal to design your emotional event experience with a special attention to your character and personality.

So each moment will be carefully crafted to create an elegant atmosphere with your personal touches.  We will find the best solution according to your and your groom wishes, and your wedding in Sicily will be just like you dreamed it. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but we will be your ace up the sleeve. You only have to celebrate the love shared with your groom, surrounded by people who love and care about you the most.

Like you dreamed it


The best honeymoon ever



Not only will Dixie Travel Experience plan your special event, but it will also organize the best honeymoon ever. Our team of professional travel designers will take care of all the details of the most important journey of your life. Wherever would you like to go and whatever are your personal interests you will experience an unforgettable custom itinerary.

Why choosing us? Our staff will make the organization of your special honeymoon a delightful experience, without any stress. We can take care of all the aspects of your journey: from the choice of the destination, to the planning of the trip program and the booking itself. Furthermore, we offer you virtual assistance 24/7 during the whole trip. 

We also offer a complete travel booking and accommodation services for you and your guests (flights, hotels, car rentals, tourist information, activities and so on). 

A gift for you: a night in a castle

Have you ever slept in a real castle? Now, you can do it for your wedding night.  

It’s a present for you. Enjoy it!

Imagine you have planned your wedding in Sicily with the help of an expert team which has taken care of every single detail. Everything has been how you dreamt. 

Imagine you have experienced the most beautiful day of your life, without any stress and with a unique aim: the great emotion of shaking the hand of your beloved while saying «Yes, I want». 

Now, imagine you had fun at the most exclusive party of the year, surrounded by your best friends and relatives. 

Which would be the perfect final of this true dream?

It would be truly spending your wedding night in an ancient and fascinating castle: just you and your husband… to begin the fairytale of your family life in the best possible way.

Contact us to know the details of this exclusive offer and all the other services we can provide. 

Let's the fairy tale begin...we offer you the wedding night in a real castle



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